Soul Pollution

by The Soul Pilots

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The Soul pilots are a fusion of rock and roll, soul and blues. They emerged in Austin, “The Live Music Capitol of The World,” but their influences cross borders and cultures. Although their approach plays tribute to bands such as The Doors and Café Tacuba, they promise not to rip anyone’s sound, as they “only believe in recycling when it involves paper or plastic.”

Inspired by their American upbringing and their Mexican roots, the results is a blend that they simply describe as "satellite rock," mixed with lyrics about everything from space travel to Alexander the Great. The fluttery snap of their drums, funky Texas blues strums, steamy and cutting percussion, and catchy melodies will remind you of all your favorite songs, but sound like none.

The band consists of Nate Rendon (vocals, guitar, bass), Jesse Aguilar (bass and guitar), Jese Hernandez (drums and backing vocals), Tito Ruiz (keyboards, synth, vocals and backing vocals) and Ernie Luna (percussion and backing vocals). They have been playing together since 2008 and bring their unique experiences that they have shared with other projects throughout the years.

Nate and Jese were involved in the experimental rock band "The Napoleon Alexander," but they did not feel that this band was able to capture their creative point of view and together with Steven Thyberg they formed The Soul Pilots. Four months later Jese reconnected with Jesse, at the local mall and invited him to a Soul Pilots jam session. At the time Jesse was performing and experimenting with blues, jazz and screw, but after just one session with The Soul Pilots he was invited to become a permanent fourth member. Over the next couple of years bandmates Tito and Ernie were extended invitations into the mix after showing the kind of musical inventiveness The Soul Pilots thrive on.

Currently, The Soul Pilots are put all their creative energy into their live shows in Austin/San Marcos while writing new material for a debut album to be announced at a later date.


released February 28, 2009



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The Soul Pilots Austin

(Formerly The Soul Pilots) 5 dudes bringing a unique blend that we call PDR. (Psychedelic Dance Rock)

Nate Rendon (vocals, guitar, bass)
Jeff Wallace (vocals, guitar)
Jese Hernandez (drums and backing vocals)
Tito Ruiz (keyboards, synth, vocals and backing vocals) Ernie Luna (percussion and backing vocals).
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Track Name: who made the colors?
(verse 1)
We spent the summer in the heat of the sun
Drinking tequila til our problems were gone
Dreaming of money and a life on the run
Never get old cause I'd rather die young
There's no income but we always get drunk
Breathing the clouds til out bodies go numb
The world is changing at the pace of a gun
Taking and killing all the people we love

Who made the colors
that painted the empty spaces
You call me your brother
But my mind's been changing

(verse 2)
We lost our minds staring into a mirror
Fell in love but the picture was smeared
Give me the knowledge to save me from here
My friends were close but they've all disappeared
Drinking the potion to free us from fear
Til we are devoured by the people we're near
The world is turning and it moves around
Turns us back into dust and lays us down in the ground


Find a lover and drink some wine
In the summer you loose your mind x3
Track Name: a flower named blue
verse 1
You don't know what I'm going through
cause it was always about you
I don't care what you're going to do
cause after this one I'm through with you

I've never been one for tears and drama
Only the fear that you'll feel tomorrow
Take a drink for your pain and sorrow
You love the feelin when it lasts for hours

cool down x3

I miss the days when you were my lover
Why do we do these things to each other
You let me down and I'm getting tired

verse 2
I was the lover that you loved as a friend
All this time all you did was pretend
You feeling nervous cause you know it's the end
You played with fire til you burned your hands
I don't know what you put me through
I don't know what you trying to prove

cool down x3


I'm getting pretty tired
My body's feeling numb
I put my hand up on your fire
and placed it on my tongue
I feel I'm getting higher
So don't try to bring me down

You don't know x4
Track Name: apollo and the sun machine
verse 1
apollo abort your mission
you failed to reach her heart.
your skin is wearing thin,
solar rays will tear you apart.
you're reaching but there's no touch,
just a sound of a distant hum.
no mortal man among us could ever conquer a goddess.

(tu y yo) you and me,
inside a sun machine.
(buscame) look for me,
in a city that never sleeps.
Turn back there's nothing left to breathe,
there's nothing left.
Turn back there's nothing left to breathe.

verse 2
Apollo you're only human,
just blood and oxygen.
She's in between the spaces,
behind the stars she hides her faces.
Your eyes could never see
beyond your simple dreams,
now that there's nothing left,
your only friend is death.

repeat chorus

we'll send you a satellite
we're searching for a sign.